Say Salut! to Keith

Say Salut! to Keith

November 29, 2022


Keith has an English name, but he is French with Mauritian roots (the same roots as the dodo bird 🦤).

He lives and works in Spain and he is becoming a true Spaniard since he managed to cook his first paella without burning down the kitchen.

Even though he already accepted he will probably never be able to roll the ‘R’ as Spanish people, he’s now half Parisian half Madrilenian.

Before the paella test, some years ago, he studied Mechanical engineering in Non-Destructive Testing fields. He was working in a French laboratory helping to understand Materials with Image Processing and algorithms.

He decided to switch to programming and started a new career as a Frontend Engineer for different projects and clients in Paris and Madrid. During this time, he developed a taste for VueJS, an open-source framework we used in Argilla.

Keith will help the engineering team build Argilla. He is in charge to develop reusable components and improve the efficiency, reliability, and interactivity of the UI. He is currently working on the user interface for weak labelling token classification tasks. For him, working at Argilla is the opportunity to continue helping the science community.

When he is not at the Madrid coworking, you can see him hiking around the Spanish mountains. “Going for a walk” is the best excuse he found to travel around the world 🌍. Music and wine are other passions that he really enjoys (even better, when enjoyed together 🍷🎶). His next stop? Probably a Vulfpeck concert and a walk at a Wine Market somewhere in France.

We are very happy to continue our journey with him!