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We’re happy to introduce our new initiative in partnership with JustDiggit!

Introducing Argilla Community Growers

December 20, 2022

Amélie Viallet, David Berenstein, Daniel Vila-Suero

We’re happy to introduce our new initiative in partnership with JustDiggit!

Community contributors are a gift for an open-source project like Argilla. They help us build more and better features, they give us feedback about the product and the code. We want to thank them for their work and let everyone know how great they are. In this context of climate emergency, our team has brainstormed different ideas with a positive impact. After analyzing several alternatives, we are thrilled to introduce Argilla Community Growers, let’s see how it works!

JustDiggit is an NGO that jumpstarts large-scale landscape restoration for sub-Saharan Africa by retaining rainwater for vegetation and preventing erosion, flooding, and land degradation. A regreening method used by JustDiggit is called Bunds. Bunds are semi-circular-shaped pits that capture rainwater. This creates benefits for people, the environment, and – eventually – our climate.

JustDiggit timeline

From today, we will be donating bunds with JustDiggit for our open-source contributors. This is how it works:

  1. You start working on an issue (it can be an existing issue or something you propose). It can be anything: a tutorial, adding content to the docs, adding tests, completely new features, or enhancements.
  2. You open a PR following the contribution guidelines, and we help you review it and hopefully merge it!
  3. Once your PR is merged, you are Community Grower! We’ll donate 3 bunds to JustDiggit and share a certificate with you.

If you love open-source, care about the planet, and want to have fun with practical NLP, join our Slack community or go to the GitHub issues page and let’s get started!