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Gabriel is an accomplished Software Engineer with a rich background in Data...

Say ¡hola! to Gabriel

November 24, 2023


Gabriel is an accomplished Software Engineer with a rich background in Data Engineering and Machine Learning. Passionate about open-source initiatives, he thrives on contributing to ML-related projects, adding value to the tech community.

Embedded within our team's core, Gabriel seamlessly navigates between developing essential functionalities for our core product and crafting innovative ML solutions. He shines in resolving complex challenges with precision, infusing every solution with a blend of technical finesse and a deep collaborative spirit.

With a passion for programming, Gabriel finds joy and challenge in solving intricate problems. He specializes in Python development, particularly in the realms of machine learning, specifically NLP and MLOps. Yet, he also enjoys diving into coding projects that aren't related to ML. Currently, he is delving into the Rust programming language and exploring Candle, the exciting new ML framework from Hugging Face, leveraging it for upcoming personal projects. When he's armed with his trusty laptop at Argilla, he makes us proud of how much he’s contributing to the growth of Argilla!

Beyond the keyboard, Gabriel is passionate about sports. After participating in several national sprinting competitions in Spain, (He used to run 100m and 200m races) He transitioned to cycling and more recently discovered a love for climbing. An avid reader, he immerses in SciFi and journalism books. Additionally, Gabriel is a multi-instrumentalist, adept at the saxophone and guitar, currently adding the piano to his repertoire.

So, as Chilly Gonzales, the playful pianist we love at Argilla, likes to say: “Coucou” Gabriel!