Argilla raised $1.6 million

We raised $1.6 Million to Transform Data Labeling for NLP

January 25, 2023


We are thrilled to share some big news with you! Argilla has raised $1.6 million to boost data-centric NLP development for our amazing community and enterprise customers. The round was co-led by Zetta Venture Partners (Kaggle, Domino Data Lab, Weaviate) and Caixa Capital Risc (Vilnyx, Codee). As an open-source platform, we will continue to prioritize serving our amazing community while simultaneously supporting our enterprise clients in scaling their data labeling and human feedback workflows. For building the best data-centric NLP platform, we're collaborating with a few select enterprise Design Partners. If you want to boost NLP with data-centric AI and human feedback, we’d love to talk.

Human feedback and collaboration between experts and data teams drive Argilla's vision. Recent breakthroughs based on large language models, such as OpenAI's chatGPT, demonstrate how human feedback leads to more robust, reliable, and scalable Natural Language Processing (NLP) products. New open-source models and services are released daily, providing immense power to data teams and companies to build NLP solutions.

However, data is still the key to successful enterprise NLP applications, requiring fine-tuning with custom data and feedback loops to achieve accurate and cost-effective results. We are delighted to see that our vision of a platform where data teams can use the latest advances in NLP and experts can give high-quality inputs and feedback is now more pertinent than ever. With this funding, we will focus even more on our vision, our community, and launching Argilla Cloud for companies that require scaling of data labeling and curation workflows.


Programmatic labeling can make a huge difference in terms of data labelling productivity, especially when put in the hands of subject matter experts without requiring them to program. But it's not the single, most important solution to the data labeling problem. We believe that robust MLOps workflows, built around feedback loops and collaboration, are the solution. Therefore, we will be focusing on building bridges and integrations with widely-used ML platforms.

Since we open-sourced Argilla in June 2021, we have come a long way. Thousands of users and community members from America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are using Argilla's programmatic labelling features and MLOps-first approach to build amazing data labeling and curation workflows. Dozens of companies in healthcare, IT, media, financial services, and other sectors are leveraging Argilla to build NLP products more efficiently.

In the past few months, we have released several exciting features, such as a fully interactive weak labeling experience for domain experts, integration with Hugging Face Hub datasets, and lightning-fast data annotation powered by embeddings from OpenAI, Cohere, or Sentence Transformers. We are thrilled about the path ahead of us. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates in the coming days!