💾 Argilla Hugging Face Spaces with Persistent Storage

💾 Argilla Hugging Face Spaces with Persistent Storage

June 26, 2023

Argilla Team

We're pleased to announce a key upgrade to Argilla on Hugging Face Spaces. Argilla deployment now fully leverages the option of persistent storage (just released some days ago as a paid feature with a small fee). This upgrade enables stable data persistence for your small-scale, collaborative Argilla projects, ensuring you don't lose any progress. After becoming the first official Docker Spaces integration, we're thrilled to partner again with Hugging Face to power stable data labeling and curation right from the Hugging Face Hub.

This crucial and highly-requested feature from the Argilla community is now a reality. After days of work, we're excited to deliver this update to our users.

Argilla Spaces creation flowArgilla Hugging Face Spaces with Persistent Storage

If you have a Hugging Face account, getting started with Argilla, now equipped with persistent storage, is just a matter of a few clicks. Just click on the deployment button below:

Lastly, some recommendations:

  1. If you've been utilizing the CPU Upgrade option, we advise transitioning to the persistent storage option. This change guarantees data retention, even through Space restarts.
  2. For most use cases the small option should be sufficient.