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1 M

Records capacity limit

Ideal for teams initiating their journey in scaling data curation and labelling projects. Perfect for environments where production monitoring is not a requirement.


3 M

Records capacity limit

Tailored for teams seeking to amplify their data curation, labelling efforts, and model monitoring, with enhanced support from Argilla.


4.5 M

Records capacity limit

Designed for teams expanding their language model pipelines, requiring robust ML lifecycle management fortified by Argilla's comprehensive support.


6 M

Records capacity limit

Geared towards teams heavily dependent on language model pipelines, human feedback, and applications, requiring complete ML lifecycle management with robust support.


Elevate data protection with Argilla Cloud's Hybrid Solution.

Protect your data in your virtual private cloud (VPC) while we take care of the rest.

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Open-source data platform for LLMs

Build robust NLP products with human and machine feedback. Argilla empowers data teams from data labeling to model monitoring.